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As recent statistics show, there are around 40 million cars in the UK.

Vehicle owners are required to have an insurance policy in order to travel smoothly on the country's roads. However, the issue of choosing an insurance provider can seem quite daunting for some drivers, especially those who have recently obtained their driving licence. Would you like to know what car insurance provider offers the best terms and conditions in the UK? This article will tell you in detail about the best insurance provider you can trust your car to.

Introduction to the RAC car insurance provider

We would like to introduce you to a popular service in the UK that is considered to be one of the best vehicle insurance providers. The RAC is a company that loves cars and has been in the UK for many years. Today, the insurance services of this firm are used by around 13 million people across the country. In addition to car insurance, RAC provides many other services for car owners, from technical inspections to buying a new car.

Popular car insurance plans from the RAC

Speaking about RAC insurance services, there is a reason why we have described this company as the best of its sort. Insurance is the main branch of this company's work and you can find more than 10 insurance offers in the catalogue. We have collected the 5 most popular RAC insurance rates in the UK.

1. Classic Car Insurance

The first service on our list is standard insurance for an average car from RAC. This type of insurance is used by most customers who have average-sized vehicles. This plan can cover a variety of incidents, including road traffic accidents, fire and even theft.

2. Young & New Driver Car Insurance

Young or new drivers are always more likely to be at high risk behind the wheel of a car. This is not surprising, as they may lack the precious experience to drive safely. The RAC provider has taken this factor into account and developed a special insurance plan for novice drivers.

3. Test Drive Car Insurance

Do you want to buy a new car from someone else or from a dealership? Before buying, it is essential to check the technical condition of the car and look at it in a real deal. Test drive insurance is valid from one to thirty hours, which is enough time for you to evaluate potentially your new car.

4. Electric Car Insurance

Today, more and more people prefer to buy cars with an electric motor instead of a petrol or diesel engine. Moreover, there are rumours that in a couple of years the UK will ban cars that emit harmful emissions. It's time to switch to an environmentally friendly mode of transport and take out the appropriate insurance with the RAC.

5. Black Box Insurance

Black Box insurance is created specifically for safe drivers who want to pay less. As part of this insurance plan, a special box is embedded in your car that monitors how safely you drive. The perfect solution to protect yourself and your car from risks.

Advantages of RAC insurance service

Are you still not sure why you should choose RAC as your car insurance provider? RAC provides many important benefits for regular and new customers. Here are the main ones:

  • Reliability. It is a company with a long experience and reputation. That is why RAC clearly adheres to the rules of the contract.
  • Cost. Insurance rates are focused on affordability for customers, so you can find low prices here.
  • Variety. As you might have realised by now, RAC insurance provider provides a wide range of plans. You can choose the right one based on your desires, features, or driving experience.

Another perk is the ease of getting the insurance you want. You don't need to go to the office, as RAC gives customers the option of applying for the right insurance plan online.

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